LESLEE BREENE - Award-winning Historical & Contemporary Romance
 An unimaginable tragedy,
         Three broken lives.
         One more chance. 

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Tess Cameron, a divorced teacher, becomes the unwitting guardian of a bi-racial orphan. She is compelled to take the little girl from New Orleans to the Colorado San Luis Valley to meet her grandfather. Estranged from the child’s missing mother, the grandfather is unaware of the granddaughter’s existence and doesn’t want her.
Grant Wilder, a widowed outfitter, offers Tess temporary employment on his ranch. But can Tess’s wandering spirit find the faith to accept responsibility of the child? Can she open her heart to love again in this land of amazing beauty and haunting secrets?

                   Five-star reviews

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         CIPA EVVY                        2017                          Award Winner! 
            Second Place  

  Four award-winning Christmas 
   short stories of near and long ago.


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