LESLEE BREENE - Award-winning Historical & Contemporary Romance
    New, longer version!

      The Christmas Gift 

In 1883, Miriam Cole travels to Denver to deliver her orphaned baby nephew to her married sister.  But the sweetness of his touch upon her cheek makes her heart tighten. When the time comes, how will she ever let him go?

 "The Christmas Gift brims with love and warmth...reminding us that miracles are indeed possible." ~Jane Choate, Harlequin

A lovely Christmas story that brings the Old West to life. … the excitement of train travel and the vision of Denver, "Queen of the Plains," through the eyes of a sheltered girl traveling for the first time. This is a sweet romance that captures the elegance and quiet courtship of a century ago, with every historical detail richly imagined. A quick read, like a sweet Christmas cookie.



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           Holiday Ebook
       Newly revised Short Story

       A young woman traveler

      An orphaned baby

      A stranger on the train

       A Christmas surprise

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